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Haruna Aoba


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Japanese Adult Video Haruana 's beautiful green leaves hair and skin care with beauty, becoming a beautiful sexy OL and becoming a monitor for beauty items. Introducing a perfect commodity to Haruna who has such a beautiful awareness! Well, it is Rota Stick that I handed to Haruna-chan "I can use the whole body with equipment that extends hand wrinkles." I can also use it for bust-up while introducing Vive mode Alecola, Haruna who leaks a straightforward impression of "Feeling good" to a suitable sales talk. When it is introduced similar capsule rotor, it is "perfect for girls, I have never seen it, it is cute" and a serious impression came back. Next, introduce electrics as a hand massager with regular usage. Let's hit the back and waist, but also to the calves and the buttocks. "The blood circulation will be good, this may be the most impressive thing." It is also good behind the peach. It will lead to shape-up. I will also put it near the pussy. Some items are used for the base of the buttocks and legs. And if you give out a pink wartsboot vibrate it will move like Ichumushi-kun. And to silicone real male dildo type dildo that blood circulation will improve if you touch directly. When it is cold, it is more effective and leads to bust-up if you put it in a valley of breasts etc. and get pinched. Please actually use it by yourself and tell me your impressions and leave Haruna to another room. When it starts to smile, it looks like an erotic akanto, but erotic is fully opened halfway. Then, please enjoy licking chrysanthemum and sweeping blowjob from inside crew with sex with Haruna who got masturbated toy with estrus while using fake monitor as a beauty tool.


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